The e-commerce sector is growing by 30 percent year-on-year this year, according to a report by the Czech Chamber of Commerce. Online shopping is becoming a pleasant standard for more and more people. Users are also expanding the range of products placed in e-shops' shopping carts. In proportion to this, however, costs are also increasing on the sellers' side.

As the number of shipped shipments and products increases, companies' warehouse stocks, the size of the leased space and the number of employees grow. Increasing the efficiency of stock removal thus becomes a burning problem and a key challenge at the same time.

Picking and consolidation is a very labor and time-intensive process with limited potential for optimization. However, this only applies if we look at this issue from the current perspective. By shifting the focus and adopting a fresh perspective, there exists a solution to exponentially enhance the efficiency of warehouse unloading operations.

Sorting was previously perceived in the e-commerce industry solely as a process for sorting shipments to be delivered. However, its application is much broader today, and it is utilized for various other processes as well. Picking and consolidation on sorters not only reduces order processing time but also significantly lowers costs.

It is a progressive solution with a very short return on investment and an immediate positive impact on your business.


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