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Values that define

our work

The aeqoom group contributes to the development of civil society and the protection of the environment.

Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility means acting responsibly and sustainably, both socially and environmentally. These values define our customer relationships and partnerships, the way we train our employees, and our technology.

There are also people living with us whose jobs, life destinies, paths, or health are not ideal. That is why aeqoom group cooperates with the Committee of Good Will - Olga Havel Foundation and supports selected projects of this foundation that help those who need it the most: children, seniors, people with disabilities, or the socially disadvantaged.

A traditional project is the charity Golf of Good Will tournament, the proceeds of which help children with neurological diseases.

Regular participants in this tournament know that every shot played here helps - both the good and the bad. Each year, with the great contribution of the players, over €7,700 (CZK 180,000) is raised. These funds will help the parents of disabled children to pay for special movement therapy at selected clinics.

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The 3rd year of the Golf of Good Will charity tournament once again helped children with a record amount

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Over €7,900 (CZK 185,000) was raised for the Olga Havel Foundation last year


We live in an age that consciously teaches us that all the comfort of our lives depends on the production of energy. We all know that human activity leaves an indelible mark on our planet. Sometimes it is a footprint whose depth is purely our choice and can be influenced by our behavior. At other times it is a footprint that we create indirectly, together with others, through activities that we as individuals cannot control. But such footprints are more permanent and more serious.

The aeqoom group recognizes that responsible behavior not only by individuals but especially by companies and businesses, can lead to limiting or slowing down irreversible changes to the environment that can soon have a negative impact on our life on this planet.

Our goal is to be independent of conventional sources and to use renewable energy sources as much as possible.

Participating in environmental sustainability is not a simple process, nor is it cheap. Still, it makes sense to try. As individuals - employees - and as business groups - companies.

The priority goal is to reduce our carbon footprint. The aeqoom group is taking steps to electrify the entire fleet of company cars. A large part of it already uses hybrid or pure electric drive. However, the proportion of these cars will increase in the coming years.

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There is no planet B. That's why we protect the Earth.