All processes under control

The number of parcels in Europe is constantly growing. Logistics and e-commerce companies are investing in new technologies. However, in many cases, these investments do not yield the desired effect. In logistics and e-commerce, the throughput capacity of the entire system is determined by the through put capacity of its bottleneck. This situation is a challenge for our consulting team. We will analyze your processes and their through put capacity, evaluate the correct use of your technologies, and propose and integrate changes into your infrastructure that will lead to increased system throughput, productivity, and overall efficiency.

Proper Gate2Gate Process Flow Orchestration will significantly increase the throughput of warehouses and sorting centres. Up to 2.5 times more packages can be processed on the same surface area and within the same timeframe.


Our Redesign & Retrofit Programme is a response to the growing demands for social sustainability of business

Parcel sorting and distributing cages and pallets. What can autonomous robots be effectively used for?

FSM and Augmented Reality: the right combination for a significant increase in efficiency of service and manufacturing organizations