Our Total Preventive Maintenance as a service

The ongoing digital transformation of the industry and the implementation of Industry 4.0 principles are also bringing higher demands on the maintenance system for our customers. They increasingly expect preventive and predictive maintenance from it. They also have higher demands on the work of operators and maintenance personnel, as well as an increase in the overall availability of operated technologies. The way to achieve these goals, and at the same time our response to these requirements, is our new ae-tpm service.

We now manage our Total Preventive Maintenance from one place - our portal, which, in addition to the mentioned functionalities, also automates the planning and scheduling of maintenance shifts and ordering of necessary spare parts. This will ensure a reduction in time requirements and also provide professional services through remote support. Workers simply put on smart glasses and then, with the support of our expert, remove the malfunction. All records, reporting, and related processes such as ordering the necessary part, replenishing it to the operational warehouse, or dynamically adjusting the plan of preventive maintenance are now fully automated. Of course, the whole concept is easily integrable into the customer's infrastructure thanks to its modern architecture.

We are connecting the world of automated learning and remote personal leadership. With our new concept, we are dramatically increasing the skills, speed, accuracy, reliability, and, last but not least, efficiency of internal teams.

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