In its new production centre, aeqoom now processes 200 million documents annually for 9 European countries

Meal vouchers significantly support our gastronomy in difficult post-Covid times and are the most popular employee benefit. At the same time, they show that they are, on a pan-European scale, a very important and effective tool for ensuring financial assistance to children from socially problematic backgrounds and refugees with humanitarian need, as well as to other fellow citizens who find themselves in difficult life situations.

As part of this project, aeqoom also established and operates a scanning centre, which significantly simplifies the cost reimbursement process for partners of all issuers on the Czech market.

The acquisition of production capacity fully fits into the strategy of developing services in the Document & Data processing division.

Alongside our traditional services in the field of data transformation, process management, multichannel communication, and software development, we are now also offering highly effective services in the areas of printing, envelope stuffing, scanning, and data extraction to our clients in other industries," says Radek Hradil, CEO of aeqoom group. "This creates new opportunities for them to optimize costs. However, to do so, it is necessary to have automated processes and use the right technologies. We have both," he adds.

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