The e-commerce business is prone to uneven distribution of production. In addition, the ever-increasing volumes amplify the annual e-shop harvest during the peak season. Especially during this period, but also during the year during normal operation, each hour of system unavailability bears considerable losses. We are fully aware of this fact and are looking for opportunities to constantly improve the level of our service.

We have set the bar very high. Our dispatching and service is available to our contract customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our technicians start repairs at your centres within 2 hours of reporting the defect. Last but not least, it should also be mentioned that thanks to the sophisticated preventive maintenance system, the serviced systems achieve an operational availability of 99.99%.

Nevertheless, we have set another quality goal and during the summer and autumn we are introducing two fundamental innovations into our service model.

We automate the spare parts warehouse

We are implementing a new warehouse system internally, thanks to which there will be automatic online orders for removed spare parts. This not only speeds up the replenishment of the warehouse, but thanks to the dynamic Pick 2 Light system, we also significantly shorten and simplify the entire process of picking up spare parts.

We are implementing remote diagnostics

In addition to reducing the time of administration of a service incident from hours to minutes, remote intelligent diagnostics also brings automation in entering incidents into our system. Our help desk will no longer wait for your call or when you register the incident in our system, but it will proactively contact you and inform you about the solution based on automatic registration and registration of the incident.

By transferring operational service worries to our service department, you can easily and simply rely on everything to work as it should. You can then focus fully on conceptual development and focus on your core business.

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