What problem have we dealt with?

The number of returned shipments in Europe has increased by 95% in the last 5 years. This forces many companies to minimize the costs of reverse logistics and their impact on the environment. This also applies to ABOUT YOU, an e-shop with a turnover of 1.755 billion EUR and an expected year-on-year growth rate of around 30%, making it one of the largest European players. The satisfaction of their customers largely depends on fast delivery and hassle-free returns.

The Fashion & Beauty segment, in which ABOUT YOU operate, is the industry most affected by returns, with up to 56% of items being returned. Our task at Hermes Fulfilment was to expand the logistics capacities to be able to handle the expected volumes in a five-year horizon.

By implementing this project, Hermes Fulfilment achieved a desired doubling of production capacity with a significant reduction in operating costs.

Business description of the solution provided by aeqoom

We were challenged by Hermes Fulfilment to minimize the environmental impacts of their project. We maximized the use of their existing conveyor systems by refurbishing them, adding new components, and integrating the solution with a new electrical installation and a new PLC system. We also integrated SCADA and TPM systems into the overall architecture. Through our integration platform, the solution is ready for the implementation of Industry 4.0 principles.

The aeqoom service team provides full support for the entire delivery, as well as ongoing maintenance on a 16x5x365 basis.

What has the change brought?

  • Sorting of shipments has been accelerated
  • Operational costs have been significantly reduced
  • Monitoring and planning of the entire process has been streamlined

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