The company Innogy Slovensko, a member of the VSE Holding group, is a key player in the gas distribution market. Together with the sister company VSE, they have created a comprehensive portfolio of services in the field of energy and gas supplies in Slovakia.

The introduction of this solution has positive effects for both Innogy and VSE companies, which are immediately reflected in the quality and speed of the services provided. Both companies have thus modernized and streamlined the process of signing documents and handle everything electronically.

This entire process also has a positive impact on internal labor productivity. The work of sales representatives, who do not have to work with physical documents, has become significantly more efficient.

With the signature component, a contract signature can be obtained within two hours of generating a request in CRM to send an e-mail to the client. This is a significant streamlining and cost saving compared to the previous situation where documents were sent by courier and it took 9 days to receive a signed contract.

The aeqoom technologies company that implemented the solution needed only 4 weeks for the deployment itself. aeqoom achieves such short times in its projects thanks to the high quality of the implementation team and last but not least thanks to the easy customization of customer solutions. As part of innovation and improvement of its solutions and services, the company recently invested in the development of its own platform built on the most modern technologies. In projects, instead of programming, the system is simply set up, and this has a positive impact on the length of project implementation.

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