What problem have we dealt with?

Packeta belongs to the logistic companies with the densest network of pick-up points in Central Europe. They have more than 140,000 of them. Through them, they delivered 90 million shipments in 2022. Packeta distributes parcels not only to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Romania, where Packeta Group has its subsidiaries. In total, you can find parcels that have passed through Packeta's depots in 34 countries. Currently, 46,000 e-shops already use Packeta's services. With the increase in the number of e-shops, there is an expansion of the range of distributed shipments. The high operational costs of manual sorting and growing requirements for auditing and monitoring of shipments have also become a hindrance to development.

Business description of the solution provided by aeqoom

Based on the analysis of our consulting team, we have designed the architecture and concept of the new solution. Its foundation is the Push Tray sorter from the German company Bowe, which not only sorts, but also measures the dimensions and weight of the package in one process step. To smoothly integrate the solution with Packeta's infrastructure, we have implemented an integration platform and sorting software ae-sort. This mature technology, which uses Drag & Drop process configuration, enabled us to shorten the software integration of the project to just 2 weeks. The entire installation, including the transition to live operation, took 10 weeks.

The service team at aeqoom also provides 24x7x365 maintenance for the entire delivery.

‍How did the project turn out?

Packeta has achieved the goal of processing 50% of shipments through automation with the implementation of this project. By deploying this solution, they have gained a tool that enables them to automatically sort packages in a single stream, while also obtaining their dimensions and weight.

Packeta is now able to process up to 136,000 shipments per day in an automated manner on this depot with an area of 4,000 square meters.

What has the change brought?

  • Sorting of shipments has been accelerated
  • Staff requirements for depot operation have been significantly reduced
  • Thanks to the introduction of volumetric, Packeta has obtained the basis for the pricing of oversize packages
  • Control, monitoring and planning of the entire process have become more efficient

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